Thank you for your interest in contributing to “The Annalist.”

It is our aim to establish a consortium for learned sources to share their common interest and publications on historical persons, subjects, and other related matters. While the author’s interests lay mainly in the period of 1880-1940, we welcome formal essays on a variety of topics.

Note that a “learned source” need not hold the terminal degree (i.e., the doctorate) in his or her field. Rather, it is expected that contributions will meet with common academic standards. The contributor’s knowledge of the subject at hand should be thorough, one’s sources properly cited, and their facts readily verified.

It is also expected that contributions will elicit a new perspective or dynamic. The aspect which we hope distinguishes The Annalist is its point of view on a particular person or subject. It is not our goal to simply rehearse old arguments but to offer enlightening material which finds resonance with contemporary readers.

Finally, it is understood that contributions are made purely on the basis of engaging in conversation about their subjects (no remuneration is offered), and that the editors reserve their discretion and exercise when selecting essays for publication.

To become a contributor to The Annalist, or should you have any questions, please complete this form:


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